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The famous SuDoKu puzzle owes its roots to Leonard Eulerís work on Latin Squares during 1783. Chandru Arni's hobby of Mathematical Recreations led him in the early fifties to work on a 2-person board game of Euler's insolvable "36 Officers problem". However when the 9 x 9 Suduku puzzle hit the market, he knew there was a 2-person game in it. This  is the first version of the game

The 2- person Game

Here you play against SoDoKo, the Space Robot Dog on a 6 x 6 grid. In the outer galaxy there are 7 different lots of spacebits. The first player picks 3 spacebits for the other player to place on the grid. He places them and he, in turn, picks 3 spacebits to give to his opponent to place. The game goes on thus. The winner is the one who, by placing on the grid, completes a row, or column, or a 3x2 block of  6 different spacebits. 



We value your opinion. Don't hesitate to give us your feedback after playing the game as this will enable us to meet your expectations in our next version
Inventor/Designer Chandru Arni
Sole Programmer John Jos
Concept Art /Artist Pratik Jaiswal
..and we could never have done it without  Sumit Mehra
Copyright (C) 2006 by Chandru Arni         All rights reserved         

Now, you don't have to be alone anymore with a puzzle

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